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What does Pino mean?
My name is Pino - In Italy, it is a common nickname or diminutive for Giuseppe. It is spelled differently that the grape varietal reference - Pinot. 

Is Pino’s a new chain?
Pino’s is a locally owned, neighborhood pizzeria. We are not a chain, we are part of your Cherry Hills Village community.

Why do pizzamakers toss the dough?
The art of the perfect pizza toss entranced pizza patrons throughout the world. The spins and tosses through the air are not just for entertainment - it is the way we create a crust that is tender, crisp and has that unique shape that makes each bite a unique experience. Hand-tossing the dough is gentler than rolling out a crust and it is more efficient. When dough is tossed by hand, it does not lost as much moisture, so the crust is softer and cooks differently than a machine pressed dough sheet. Hand-tossing and kneading the dough also allows air to be worked into the pizza and leads to an evenly-cooked, well-balanced pizza pie. 

Are your ingredients fresh or frozen?
We make our dough fresh daily with high-quality ingredients. We prepare all of our sauces, vegetables and shred our premium cheese fresh every day. We pride ourselves in the ingredients of  our dishes and pizza near Littleton, CO.

What toppings are available for pizzas?
Pino’s has a wide variety of fresh toppings for you to choose from. Please look at our menu for the full listing of toppings for pizzas near Englewood, CO.

What sizes of pizza are available?
Pino’s traditional Italian pizza comes in three different sizes: 12" (small), 14" (medium) and the 16" (large). 

Can I create my own pizza?
Absolutely! Select your sauce and we have over 30 toppings to choose from - lots of possibilities! 

What else do you offer at your restaurant?
We offer a full variety of classic Italian antipasti, insalate, baked pastas, calzones and dolci. For more information please see our full menu.

We hope to see you in our Cherry Hills Village pizzeria soon! We offer the best pizza in the Centennial CO area.
1400 East Hampden Ave, Suite #140
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
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